The unique challenges in my life my life as a weird ambivert

ambivertMy lifestyle is very different from that of the average male guy. I guess you can call me weird. I am however not a weirdo in the usual sense, actually I will pass as a normal ordinary guy until you get to know me better.

My weirdness has all to do with my personality. I am a unique type of ambivert. An ambivert is a person who is neither an extrovert nor an introvert. This is a person who displays moderate characteristics of both personalities. For me however, I am very erratic and I portray extreme traits of both personalities albeit at different times. I have often wondered if I have a split personality problem.

When I am around people I tend to many times come out as an extrovert. In college I was a popular guy especially when it came to fun activities. I was even the college select deejay when we had parties. I was quite outspoken too and I was often chosen to be a leader in different faculties due to my tendency to speak out when others were coy – especially in intimidating circumstances.

Despite being so popular and outspoken, I did not have close friends and many times I would find a way of sneaking from the group of other guys and find a solitary place where I could be alone. Many times this was the gym where I loved to go to since it was almost always deserted. I also lived out of the campus in an apartment I had rented. Many of the guys in school did not know where I lived.

After college life, my personality has become even more pronounced at work. In work-related functions such as the parties and treats – which are quite regular where I work, the other workmates are usually surprised and confused wondering if I am the same guy who is with them in the office. In the office I am usually very focused and quiet but when I am out I become a completely new person.

My social life out of work is very limited and I have very few friends in this city; which I came to due to my job.

I have a dog who is probably my best friend in this city since I spend most of my free time with him. My free times are usually spent in the outdoors which I love to enjoy in solitary with my dog. My favorite outdoor activity is kayaking.

I am able to take my dog kayaking with me in my perception sport pescador kayak which I bought recently. Before buying the perception sport pescador I had an inflatable kayak which I had to stop using if I wanted to continue kayaking with my dog.

Due to the claws on my dog, I noticed that the surface of the kayak was wearing out very fast. It was a huge risk using the inflatable kayak since the claws of the dog could at any time pierce through the hypalon material. This is what made me decide to switch to a hard shell kayak which is a better kayak for accommodating a dog.

However, I do not know if this was the right move or if I instead needed to style up and try to have a more social life.

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