The need to work out and kayaking as a fun keep fit activity

kayaking 7Physical exercise is an important aspect of health for our bodies. Physical exercise helps to work the different muscles in the body and keep them fit. A lengthy stay without physical action normally leads to the withering of the dormant muscles. Physical activity also helps to work the different systems in the body and prime them. For example, working out makes the heart work harder and in the process makes it stronger. This is the same with lung activity.

In modern days, mankind has gradually moved away from engaging in physical activity. Mankind today rarely has occasion to exercise his body and this has led to many negative health consequences. Many times the reason that the body is being deprived from physical exercise is due to the lifestyles of the modern day man.

In the new age, mankind does not have to engage in many of the rigorous activities that were the norm in past ages. Today mankind has developed machines and technology gadgets to do much of the tough work that was done manually in the past. People are now left to do mental work or to work using machines.

With the increase in health problems, man is being forced to reconsider his neglect of engaging in rigorous physical activities. He is increasingly becoming aware of the importance of exercising the body. Since there is no physical work to engage in so as to work out the body, mankind is looking for other alternative ways of working out.

Working out in itself is not an easy endeavor and it requires a lot of sacrifice. It is however much easier if one can identify a workout routine or activity that is enjoyable. One of the ways that the modern day man can keep fit by working in a fun activity is by engaging in kayaking.

Kayaking is an activity that has been indulged in for many ages. In the past kayaking has been done mainly for the purpose of fishing or for hunting for food – such as when hunting for seals and whales. Kayaks have also been used in the past for travelling from one point to another.

In modern times, the kayak has been hugely adopted as a vessel for working out and for keeping fit. This is because of the numerous advantages it provides during work out.

One of the advantages that kayaks provide as workout vessels is the fact that when kayaking one is able to employ many muscles at the same time. The action of paddling employs muscles such as the arms, including the biceps and triceps. During paddling one also uses the shoulder muscles. The chest and abdominal muscles are also greatly used. Lastly the legs are also used for providing stability when paddling and for steering the kayak.

Using many muscles at the same time is a great advantage since this means that one can burn more calories during the exercise. This is important for people who are working out so as to reduce or manage their weight.

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