My lifestyle has changed so much after marriage that I cannot find time for things I loved before

after marriageLife has changed greatly for me when I compare my life today and the life I lived when I was a young bachelor.

As a young bachelor, I had a lot of freedom and my life was always eventful with many fun activities. My weekends and evenings were often spent in the group of friends in one social fun activity or another, I also had a lot of time when I could engage in solo fun activities. I did not have a problem managing my work life and my social life. I was always able to find some quality time for myself.

Some of the activities that I engaged in with friends included; church activities – of which there were plenty, voluntary services within the neighborhood, camping expeditions with friends, and visiting family. When alone, I loved cycling, swimming, hiking in the countryside, and kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing is a recreational activity that I had been introduced to by my father. While growing up, my father who was an angling enthusiast – and quite skilled at it too – would take me along with him on his fishing trips. He had an old town predator which he had customized to allow some space behind his seat where I could squeeze in as a young boy. During our fishing expeditions my father would proudly share his knowledge about fishing and thus I was able to learn and become quite an expert myself.

As I grew older and I could not comfortably it in his old town predator, my father bought me a cheap inflatable kayak that I could tag along in during our fishing trips. Having my own kayak gave me a lot of joy and cemented my love for kayaking.

When I started working I bought myself a kayak. The inflatable kayak that my father had bought me could not give me optimum tracking and control abilities and so I bought a hard shell pelican apex kayak.

I would go out fishing on this kayak many times when I felt low and needed some time on my own. I would take the kayak to one of the many kayaking destinations – of which there are many since I live in a coastal area. Many times I would go to a nearby kayak resort where I would spend many hours angling all by myself.

I still have my pelican apex kayak but I rarely use it these days.

Immediately after getting married, I had less time for kayaking since most of the time I would spend in other activities in the company of my wife. My wife greatly dreaded any water activity and so kayaking with her was out of question.

When we got children and our responsibilities increased, I found myself working more and more hours including spending many weekends in the office.

This new lifestyle has effectively reduced my free times. With the current trend of things, I am thinking of selling my kayak. It greatly saddens me that I cannot even find time to take my son out fishing like my father did for me.

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