Creating a healthy family bond through kayaking

Family kayaking 1Family is the basic unit that makes up the society. It is the foundation of every society. Everybody is part of a family. The importance of family can therefore not be underrated especially when it comes to building a society that has proper moral, social and cultural values.

Everybody in society is usually brought up in a family which is supposed to teach and train them on how to become proper people morally and socially. Usually this is the duty of the parents or guardians. The other siblings within the family, especially older siblings, also play a crucial role in molding the character of their siblings.

In modern society, this responsibility of raising the children is shared by educational institutions, especially institutions that deal with early education.

As a parent, I feel that I have a very serious obligation for raising my children in the right way. I believe that the issue of raising kids is not all about providing for their material needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. I also believe that I should not leave the responsibility of molding character in my children to the educational institutions.

As such, I try to have as much time as possible to be with my children. This is the only way that I can be able to impart knowledge in them, and also be able to learn more about them and know their psychological and social needs.

To be able to have a constructive and fruitful time with children where one can be able to share educational knowledge is not easy. One needs to be able to first create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is happy and free. One also needs to be able to create a bond of trust with the children. This is necessary if one is to be effective in mentoring and influencing the children positively.

To be able to create this atmosphere, I use several techniques, however, one of the most successful techniques that I have applied for my family is going out for family kayaking expeditions.

I realized my children’s love for sailing when they were very young. As such, we would take them to a nearby resort that has various water activities and we would take them kayaking. When they were small kids, we would use a tandem kayak and my wife would hold one child and I would have the other child.

These trips were a great joy for the entire family. The trips were not a fun activity only for the children but my wife and I also loved the excursions. It was a great time for us to bond together. It gave us time to also enjoy some fun time to relax from our busy routines.

As the children grew older, their love for kayaking did not abate but instead grew especially since each of them wanted to take the paddle and steer the kayak. Eventually the kids learnt to kayak and they each were able to manage their own kayaks. After that, whenever we went out kayaking, my daughters would each have their own sit on top kayak while my wife and I continued sharing a tandem kayak.

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